10 Food Blogs to Follow in 2023 (2024)

10 Food Blogs to Follow in 2023 (1)

Where do you go when you need inspiration for your weekly meal plan? Some thumb through their favorite cookbook, but others turn to their favorite food blogs for delicious recipes, beautiful photography and a punch of motivation to get dinner on the table. You might already have your tried-and-true favorites, but if you’re looking for something fresh and new, we think you’re going to love these 10 must-follow food bloggers in 2023.

1. Cookie and Kate

Kathryne Taylor is a cook and photographer from Oklahoma who launched her food blog in 2010. She’s developed a beloved following by sharing wholesome, vegetarian meals that are easy and filling – and sharing stories of her beloved “mystery mutt,” Cookie. In addition to producing top-quality meals and endearing content, Cookie and Kate is easily navigable and allows you to scour more than a decade of recipes by diet, ingredient, season and more.

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2. Love and Lemons

Husband-and-wife team Jack and Jeanine founded their blog, Love and Lemons, in 2011. As for their name? It was inspired by Jeanine’s love for seasonal food and her tendency to finish many dishes with a fresh squeeze of lemon. Searching their content is beautifully simple, and their mouthwatering photography will have you thinking about dinner when you’ve just finished lunch. Having been recognized by everyone from Food & Wine to SELF Magazine, you can rest easy knowing these recipes are ones you’ll return to time and time again.

3. Budget Bytes

If you often find yourself wondering how to squeeze a little more out of the grocery budget each week, you’re going to want to bookmark Budget Bytes asap. The whole idea behind this food blog is to offer readers tasty recipes designed specifically with tight budgets in mind. Recipes not only include step-by-step photos but a breakdown of the cost per ingredient, alternative cooking methods and suggestions on how to keep your grocery budget in check and avoid wasting what you buy.

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4. Sally’s Baking Addiction

Have you ever dreamed of scoring a spot on The Great British Bake-Off? If so, or if you just love to whip up a batch of homemade muffins every now and again, you’re going to have a wonderful time perusing the endlessly delicious recipes on Sally’s Baking Addiction. From decadent recipes (bread, cookies, scones and more) to wonderful baking tips to take your treats from good to great, this is a must-follow for anyone who enjoys homemade baked goods from time to time.

5. Deliciously Ella

Interested in a plant-based diet? Deliciously Ella was launched as a personal project for author and owner Ella, where she could pursue a vegan lifestyle without compromising on flavor. If you love her recipes, you could take it a step further and purchase her cookbook and stream her podcast. She even owns a deli in London if you happen to be in the area and craving a good meal.

6. Two Peas & Their Pod

Run by Maria Litchy and her husband, Josh, Two Peas & Their Pod is your one-stop shop for all things cooking, baking and hosting. It’s the perfect bookmark for anyone interested in family-friendly recipes that are quick, easy and healthy – although they do offer a sweet and indulgent section for those with a sweet tooth, too.

7. Ambitious Kitchen

Ambitious Kitchen is a healthy food blog where you can find wholesome meals and cozy, home cooking inspiration. Monique Volz, who runs the popular blog, grew up loving cooking and baking and has taken it to a whole new level with her ever-growing business that now features not only tasty, healthy meals but lifestyle inspiration, skin care and wellness. When it comes to meal planning inspiration, you’re sure to find a wide variety of globally-inspired recipes – often with a healthy twist.

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8. Love and Olive Oil

Love and Olive Oil is run by Lindsey and Taylor, residents of Nashville, Tennessee, who are passionate about home-cooked meals. They’ll teach you how to make everything from cozy comfort foods like sausage and corn chowder to decadent breakfasts like pumpkin donut waffles with a vanilla cardamom glaze. And if you find yourself loving their content, you could purchase any of their three cookbooks to keep within arm’s reach on your kitchen counter.

9. Get On My Plate

Busy parents who still want to gather around the dinner table with fresh, wholesome meals are going to love Get on My Plate. In addition to a slew of tasty recipes, this blog offers a unique feature where you can browse by ingredient. Whether you need something to make with the beef you thawed yesterday and never got around to cooking or need help figuring out ingredient substitutions based on what you have on hand, this is the food blog for you.

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10. Spend With Pennies

Spend with Pennies is definitely a budget-focused food blog to keep your eye on in 2023. Colorful and fun to peruse, this is the place to go if you need a delicious but affordable meal on the table as soon as possible. You can browse by type of meal (main dish, appetizer, side, etc.) or cooking method (instant pot, air fryer, slow cooker). The blog even offers cooking and recipe videos for those of us who learn best by watching.

As someone entrenched in the world of food blogging and culinary exploration, I've delved deep into the diverse landscape of digital culinary content. This article highlights some of the most influential and inspiring food bloggers of 2023, each bringing a unique flavor, style, and approach to the table. I've spent years exploring various food blogs, understanding their evolution, and witnessing firsthand the impact they have on culinary trends and the way people approach meal planning.

Let's break down the concepts and themes embedded in this article about the 10 must-follow food bloggers of 2023:

  1. Food Blogging & Culinary Content Creation: The piece revolves around the rising trend of relying on food blogs for meal planning inspiration, showcasing the impact of digital platforms on culinary choices.

  2. Individual Bloggers & Their Unique Styles: Each featured blogger has a distinct identity, offering specific culinary themes like vegetarian meals, budget-friendly recipes, baking expertise, healthy eating, family-friendly dishes, and more.

  3. Culinary Trends & Influencer Recognition: The article touches on current culinary trends like plant-based diets, budget-friendly meals, and the recognition these bloggers have received from culinary authorities, elevating their status as influencers.

  4. Recipe Categorization & Navigation: The ease of navigation and categorization within these blogs is highlighted, emphasizing features like filtering recipes by diet, ingredient, season, or cooking method. This enhances user experience and accessibility.

  5. Monetization & Expansion of Platforms: Some bloggers have expanded their reach beyond the blog, with cookbooks, podcasts, delis, and even skincare and wellness features, showcasing the evolution of these platforms into full-fledged lifestyle brands.

  6. Accessibility & Instructional Aids: The emphasis on step-by-step photos, breakdowns of ingredient costs, cooking methods, and even video content in some blogs aims to make cooking more accessible and user-friendly for their audience.

These food bloggers have honed their craft, not just in sharing recipes but in understanding their audience's needs, dietary preferences, and lifestyle choices. Their blogs go beyond mere collections of recipes, becoming a hub for culinary inspiration, education, and community building.

10 Food Blogs to Follow in 2023 (2024)


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